Closer to a good stopping point

I’ve finally got the chrome crashing bug and crazy memory usage fixed, so I’ve taken a little bit of time while my 3 week old daughter is sleeping here and there to add some refinements. I’ve added basic shading back in, added a link to the blog and a couple of bookmarking links. I’m going to go take a nap now, so check it out:

fractal getdown

I’ve also submitted this version to canvas demos, it would be nice if it was picked up there since I haven’t heard anything after submitting an earlier version to chrome experiments.

I think this is the last moving fractal for a while

I’ve completely revamped the way I generate motion for the IFS fractals. I think it is much more entertaining. Now I generate new points and linearly interpolate between them with the constraint that the sum of the scaling factors is a fixed constant. Before I just generated a fixed path which ended up with a rather repetitive sequence of images. It didn’t matter what image you were shown, you could pretty much see how it was going to twirl into the future.

With this rev, the destination is more random, so the images themselves seem to ebb and flow in a much more organic fashion. I added a 1.5 second pause at the randomly generated point and those images are rendered with more detail.

I’m disappointed that I haven’t tracked down what is causing chrome to crap out rendering, but I’m hoping it’s a bug in the engine that will get patched or eventually I’ll get it figured out.

Anyway, here is the latest version: