3D harmonic oscillator eigenfunctions

Harmonic Oscillator

These are 3D intensity plots of quantum harmonic oscillator. These shapes are related to the atomic orbitals I've done before but are wavefunctions from a different potential. Instead of just showing static plots, these show quantum mechanical superpositions. Try adjusting the intensity with the scroll wheel and selecting slice from the controls to get a clearer view. Shift + scroll wheel will zoom in and out.

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  2. Surakka Jorma Avatar
    Surakka Jorma

    3D Harmonic oscillator: How to get the plots?

  3. Andy Avatar

    What kind of plots are you looking for? I was trying my had at animation with this demo, but it can be easily modified to generate static images. You can also generate 2d cross-sections as well.

  4. Hassan Avatar

    amazing animations, thank you for sharing this class of wonderful animations

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