I’ve been a fan of the De Stijl movement from the moment I was introduced, Mondrian in particular. I’m not sure if it is the Mathematical simplicity or the fact that something so free of clutter can be undeniably art. While I love the images, the straightforward no holds barred reductionist approach to art is even more fascinating to me. I don’t think I ever would have thought to reduce painting to a collection of basic primitives like that, but now that I know the plan I don’t think I can do anything but join in.
Mondrian and his contemporaries reduced their work to a limited set of geometric primitives. My goal is to find a new set of primitives from modern mathematics like non-linear differential equations, chaos theory and fractal geometry, as well as digging into systems from physics like relativity and quantum mechanics.

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  1. Pariya Avatar

    Hi Andy
    I read your article in codeproject. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/ABTransClockArticle.aspx
    I want to use your article in an big project,According to the date of the article, I just wanna know if I have some question about your code,Can I ask u? I mean do you answer my questions?
    thanks in advance

  2. Franklin Balaguer Avatar

    Hello Andy,
    Just curious if I could use your source code in a free, open project of mine. I couldn’t use your source code as it was, so I only took the pieces that I needed (and could understand). I left your name in the class file, and I am giving you credit for the timer piece.

    Funny, that you went from hard-core .net to graphics. You should check out http://www.softimage.com. I bet you would have a lot of fun with a program like that.

    Please let me know if this is ok.



  3. Andy Avatar

    Hey Frank, looks like a useful project. Go right ahead, I’m glad it’s still useful years after I wrote it, though I’d definitely write it differently now. :)

    I got into programming doing graphics programs on my TRS-80 color computer back in the day. It’s always been a hobby of mine, but I never really thought about making it into a career.

  4. Casey Miller Avatar

    Hi Andy,

    I’m currently updating my portfolio and would love to use your spider web fractal as part of a background element for one of my 3D creature models. Is that cool with you? I would be more than happy to credit you for it. e-mail me if you have any further questions. I am assuming you have access to the e-mail I included with this post? I would rather not make it public. Thanks!

  5. Dave Avatar

    Hi Andy! I just stumbled upon your atomic orbital viewer as I was looking for orbital animations. It’s the best one I’ve seen (you’ve probably already seen this one, which I also like: http://www.falstad.com/qmatom/ ).

    I’m working with an educational organization at my University to develop open source educational resources for higher ed. Right now our focus is on offering dynamic textbooks, and we think having something like this on them would vastly improve students’ understanding of electron configuration and energy levels. Might you have any tips or open access code we might be able to use and credit you for?

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